Insert the cheek retractor into your mouth as shown in the images below. Please note that the large flanges go outside your mouth while the small ones go inside your mouth. You must open your mouth wide and keep the cheek retractor in a vertical position as you press the side of the retractor against the side of your mouth. Once the first side has been properly inserted, bend the retractor slightly until you are able to insert the other side of the retractor. If your teeth are biting down on the actual retractor (which would keep you from being able to bring your upper and lower teeth together) pull the cheek retractor slightly forward so that your teeth can come down and touch each other. 


Use the whitening pen (clear gel) to paint a thin layer of whitening gel onto the surface of your teeth. The first time you use it, you will need to turn the handle of the pen several times before the gel starts extruding through the brush until you get a bead of gel on the brush. One bead of gel is enough to cover 4–5 teeth. You want to deposit the gel on the tooth as opposed to brushing it repeatedly. After depositing the bead of gel on the first tooth, use the brush to even out the gel on that tooth. Then use the brush to carry the rest of the gel from that tooth to the tooth next to it, and do this for a total of 4–5 teeth. You will then need to turn the handle of the pen a few times to extract more gel, and you repeat this process till you have a thin coat of gel on all the visible teeth. Apply the gel all the way to the gumline of the tooth, but avoid getting any gel on the actual gums.

Be sure to avoid your lips because the gel will cause significant irritation. If you do touch your lips with the gel, be sure to wipe it off immediately with a clean tissue or washcloth. Also remove any excess gel from your gums.


Plug the USB end from the LED light directly into a USB enabled device or use the 3-way adapter to plug into your desired power source. The LED light will emit blue light when successfully powered.


Place the lit LED light into your mouth and lightly bite down on the tray so that the gel on your teeth is exposed to the blue light. After biting down on the tray, REMOVE the cheek retractor, and make sure your lips close around the tray. Whiten for 30–60 minutes. You can swallow the gel and saliva during the process.


Unplug your LED light from your power source once you’re finished whitening. Rinse your mouth with water. Also rinse the tray with water to remove gel and saliva, making sure you don’t get the end of the cable wet. Allow the tray to dry naturally.


Repeat steps 1 through 5 once a day for 5-10 days.


Once you’ve reached your desired whitening results (5–10 whitening sessions) you may use the remineralizing (blue) gel to replenish minerals lost during the whitening process and to strengthen your enamel. If you experience tooth sensitivity during the whitening process, you can apply the remineralizing gel. To apply the gel, insert the cheek retractor into your mouth and apply the blue gel the same way you have done with the whitening gel. Leave the cheek retractor on and keep the gel on your teeth for 15 minutes, and rinse when you are done. You do NOT need to use the light with the remineralizing gel. 

WARNING / AVERTISSEMENTS: WARNING / AVERTISSEMENTS: Use only under the supervision of a dentist. This product is not recommended for use by children under 12 years old. Avoid gel contact with eyes, skin, gums, and/or salivary flow. Consult your oral health professional before prolonged use of this product. Do not use if pregnant or lactating or if you have gum disease or other dental conditions. Do not swallow. If irritation (such as redness, swelling, soreness) of gums or mouth occurs, discontinue use and consult an oral health professional. Discontinue use if you feel a sharp pain in a tooth that lasts more than a few seconds, and consult with your dentist immediately.

USB LED light

• Do not submerge LED light in water while plugged into power source.

• Clean LED light gently, with wash cloth dampened with water. 

• Do not use LED light for longer than 60 minutes at a time. 

• Remove LED light from power source when you are done with use. 

• Store LED light in clean, dry place. 

• Keep out of the reach of children.